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Aeration & Overseeding Brighton MI

Our small business excels at all the lawn care services that we render. Whether it is pest or mosquito control, or overseeding, we do all our jobs with equal effort and care. Our business also prides itself on our honor. We would never try to sell you a lawn service that you do not need. A small, individual operation such as ours will depend even more heavily on word of mouth references from our customers than a larger corporate entity. Establishing and preserving trust is the fastest way to make that happen. If customers ever lose their trust in us, we would not be able to continue our operation. This goes doubly true for our business because not only is it small, but it is also new. So when we say that you will need our aeration service, please take our advice to heart. The quality of your lawn will depend on it. Aeration is one of the lesser known tasks to the layman groundkeeper or gardener. It is often overlooked due to the fact that the positive results are not immediately seen. When we fertilize your lawn with our enriched plant food, it will not take long for it to look increasingly verdant. When we apply our mosquito control, the fact that they are very few of them there will definitely be noticed by you when you are playing with your children in the front or back yard. However, when your lawn is aerated, the first thing you see is small clumps of dirt throughout your lawn. But what follows in the weeks to come is a thickness more beautiful than you had before. Aeration should be done at least once per year. The benefits to us aerating your lawn are numerous. Over time, soil can become compacted due to a combination of factors, particularly rain, gravity, and the compaction may be accelerated if you regularly take part in yard activities. Compact soil makes it more difficult for water and food to get to the root of the grass, which is the entry point to the blades. Aeration drastically reduces soil compaction. The opening of the soil also allows the roots to expand, enabling it to take in more nutrients. You will also notice a difference in your water bill, as you will be able to adequately water your lawn using less water, due to both larger roots and less runoff. Though it is possible for aeration to be done in the spring, Hometown Lawn & Pest recommends that in most cases, it be done in the late summer to early fall. There are two potential hazards that can result from spring aeration. The first is it can damage a pre-emergence layer of an application of weed control. The second problem, which is a consequence of the first, is that opening of the soil at that time can then make room for resilient weeds and crabgrass to more easily grow and displace your lawn. Unless your lawn has other conditions that make it a special case, we prefer to do it later in the season in order to maximize results without the potential issues. Aeration lays the conditions for its corresponding lawn service of overseeding. The holes that are opened from aeration more easily make room for seeding in any thin spots your lawn may have, as well as spots that have been damaged by insects or weeds that have displaced the area. We use a premium blend of sod that is selectively bred to be more disease and insect resistant. Hometown Lawn & Pest is proud to beautify the Brighton area.

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