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Flea & Tick Control Brighton MI

During the summer months of Michigan is when you and your family and friends are likely to be spending the most recreational time out on your lawn. Whether it is setting up a pool in your backyard, having a barbecue with your family and neighbors, or the children frolicking through your sprinklers, or playing ball in the yard, summer is obviously the prime time of year for outdoor fun. However, this is also the biggest time of year when insects and other bugs also make their presence the most known, and are looking for a place to set up camp and eat. This obviously causes trouble for you, especially when it comes to the bugs that can have an adverse effect on your body, such as ticks and fleas. These can also pose a significant problem for your pets who not only use the lawn for recreation, but also for a bathroom. That is where Expergreen Laen Care flea and tick control application program comes in. Much like our mosquito control treatment, the flea and tick aspect of lawn services are those that do not deal with a direct nusaince to your grass, but rather to those who use it. Fleas and ticks tend to have the same preferred hangouts that mosquitoes have, which makes it somewhat easier for us to treat each of your individual lawns. They prefer shady spaces as well as moist and cool places. Underneath any backyard deck will be a prime area for them to breed in. The staff at Expergreen Lawn Care knows which areas to primarily target, even though we will treat your entire outdoor area. Interestingly, utilizing our other lawn services can also tie in as an added measure to reducing fleas and ticks. For instance, skunks often investigate lawns at night in search of grubs. Many urban wildlife, especially mammals, are mobile carriers of these two pests. Eliminating grubs via our lawn services will give no reason for grub predators to hunt on your property and bring another nuisance with them. Taking advantage of our aeration lawn services provides the added benefit of reducing tick and flea attractions. If your lawn does not drain well, it will be chronically too wet, assuming average rainfall and a normal watering schedule. While you don't want dry soil, there is also such a thing as having it overly moist, which is an ideal environment for fleas and ticks. There are also other things you can do on your own to work with us in the quest to prevent these nuisances. Secure your trash, as other urban mammals such as raccoons often raid if they know they can rip open a container. If you keep a birdfeeder, make sure it is out of reach of squirrels, who love to eat birdseed. Keep any dropped seed on your patios swept away. Anything that any urban mammals like to eat should be removed from your yard. Another tip to discourage fleas and ticks from setting up in your yard is to keep your lawn mowed regularly to the optimal length. Regularly letting it go too long will attract both of these pests, as long grass provides them with yet another shaded area. Experigreen Lawn Care is excited to be a new contributor to the beautification of Brighton and the surrounding area. A fledgling business with seasoned founders, we hope you will allow us to not only maintain your lawn, but also make it more enjoyable for you to spend time there.

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