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Grub Control Brighton MI

An essential part of any comprehensive lawn care service will inevitably be grub control. Apart from weeds, they are almost always the pests that pose one of the greatest threats for lawns. If you live in the greater Brighton area, Experigreen Lawn Care is eager to be your lawn's advocate in this ongoing battle to keep these underground pests from destroying your yards. Different from mosquito control, grubs are a very real threat to your lawn. A symptom of systematic grub invasion are brown or withered areas appearing and expanding in sections of your lawn. These spots are easily distinguished from something like a spot from a pet relieving himself in that the browned area will be larger and have a more undefined shape and border. Assuming you keep your lawn watered regularly, as well as fertilize it properly, grubs are the most likely culprit of this issue. Our staff is well versed in both the prevention and the cure. It is indeed more helpful to be even more focused on the prevention. The grub feeding and migration cycle is very predictable. In the spring, they come near the surface and become active, preying on the roots of your lawn. They persistently keep at this until the weather gets cooler later in the year. At that point, they burrow themselves back below the frost line and hibernate for the winter. That is why we offer a grub prevention application program. We will back the application with a 100 percent guarantee for a period of one year. If there is any evidence of grubs taking hold of your lawn, we come out to deal with the breakthrough and repair the damage with no cost to the customer. Our grub control program, designed to prevent of damaging grubs, is applied during the summer months, usually June or July. Our professional strength formulation will rid your lawn of grubs without doing any harm to the lawn itself, or any nearby plants. Stopping grubs in the early autumn season is critical. That is when grubs are still near the peak of their activity, and roughly a month or slightly longer before they start to burrow. If you utilize our grub prevention application in the summer, you will not have any problems in the fall or spring. When looking for critical lawn services such as grub control, don't trust your yards to just any business. Give Experigreen Lawn Care the opportunity to demonstrate our superior techniques, and keep your yards appearing thick and full of splendor. With the 80 years of aggregate experience our founders possess, you can be reassured that your property is in very good hands. We are committed to making the homes of the Brighton area greener and healthier. Don't wait, contact us today.

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