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Lawn Care Brighton MI

You have all driven by many houses and businesses that have a commanding, majestic presence and aura to them. In doing so, you probably also noticed the beautiful landscape that surrounded them, along with a thick, verdant lawn. Think of one of the most beautiful homes you have ever seen. Now picture it with rotted or diseased trees, unkempt lawns with crabgrass and other weeds crowding out the sod grass for which the space was intended. Do you have that mental picture yet? If you do, then you know how bad surroundings can really affect the appearance of a structure, and the overall image that you are perusing. We at Expergreen Lawn Care are committed to the restoration and maintenance of that beautiful image all around the Brighton area. Our organic and traditional lawn services are the best that this vicinity has to offer. Our lawn care consists of seven step applications that are typically started in the middle of March. Though taking into consideration that this is Michigan, it can sometimes be delayed. Depending on the weather in a particular year, our founders have started their annual lawn care in other companies as late as the middle of April. These lawn services last into November, and we will revisit your lawn monthly to check for any problem before it spirals out of control. One thing that any homeowner knows is how resilient weeds can be. There is no other lawn care application that is more effective at ridding your lawn of these floral pests. Our applications will get them as they sprout, without harming your grass. As an additional measure of diligence, we will control any in our inspections in the unlikely event that a few stragglers managed to grow. Weeds are not the only hazard that will put your lawn at risk. Many pests that also take up residence underground are grubs. They can eat at the roots of your grass, preventing it from gaining nourishment from the sun, rain, and plant food. Our grub control program is thorough and will ensure that your grass will flourish in the growing months. And that also includes bugs that try to eat you. Mosquito control is part of our menu and enables you to enjoy your lawn up close. Part of a resilient lawn is not just the elimination of threats, but also adequate nourishment. Our fertilization, aeration and overseeding serves to provide your lawn with the best food and the most receptive conditions for absorbing it. At Experigreen Lawn Care, we realize that while all clients have the same goal - that being a lush and healthy lawn with complementing plants - not everyone has the same desires on how to achieve it. Fortunately for you, if you choose our business, you are free to have your pick between traditional or organic. While most companies in our industry offer only one or the other, we are happy and able to do both traditional and organic treatments for your lawn. If you live in the Brighton area, or have a business here, please allow us the honor of assisting you in making the outside beautiful. Don't trust your lawn to anyone else. Our exceptional care and customer service will address your needs in a far more personal manner than any corporate owned company. We would love to cultivate a permanent relationship with you.

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