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Mosquito Control Brighton MI

Expergreen Lawn Care is eager to address the problems of all different types of bugs that can invade, eat, or take up residence within your lawn. Our perimeter pest control takes care of the crawlers and burrowers. However, there is yet a different service that some customers may not attribute to a lawn care company. This one deals with a pest that will not directly make your lawn suffer. Rather, it is more likely to present a problem for you, your family including any pets, especially dogs, when time is spent working or for recreation out on the lawn. This lawn care service is none other than mosquito control. Our business is responsible for the repelling of countless mosquitoes from properties in the Brighton area, and keeping them away. Of course, the mosquito control's success is and always will be a relative concept. We do not advertise what we cannot deliver. Hence, we label all of our lawn services accurately. That is why we do not advertise this as mosquito eradication; the emphasis is control. You will never completely eliminate every single mosquito from coming into your yard. There will always be a few that are resistant to repellants. But in using our mosquito control, you are guaranteed to see a drastic difference in the amount you will encounter. Mosquitoes are going to vary in their prevalence from home to home, even those within the same vicinity. This is due to the variances of the homes and their respective landscapes themselves. Mosquitoes are inactive during the day and rest in shady regions of your property, as well as near fences and bedded areas of your outside. So if you have an exceptionally large tree, or large plants in your yard, you are likely to have more mosquitoes. Also, they reproduce in standing water. If you have outdoor faucets that are leaking, a bird bath, a small pond, or other areas where water collects, mosquitoes will prefer your home to that of your neighbor's. When we treat your outside with this application, we know to target these areas more thoroughly, though we do treat the entire outside of your property. Our mosquito control applications are applied from the months of May through August, when both outdoor lawn activity and mosquito activity is most prominent. We treat your property every 21-25 days, depending on weather factors. The application will last a bit longer if the weather has been exceptionally dry. Tips for you to further help yourself with this problem is to keep your yard and roofs free of debris. Regularly change your water in any bird baths that you have. If you have an outside trash bin, drill small holes in the bottom of it to let any rainwater flow out. Fix any leaky outdoor faucets. If you use tarp in your yard, regularly remove any water that may collect there. Experigreen Lawn Care looks forward to building a positive relationship with Brighton. Ridding your properties of mosquitoes is a great way to start. We look forward to the opportunity.

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