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Perimeter Pest Control Brighton MI

Imagine enjoying a summer with fewer pests entering your home - no seeing ants crawling on the counter when you wake up and go into the kitchen in the morning and less spiders freaking you out as they climb up the wall. Call Experigreen Lawn Care and ask about our perimeter pest control services and you could be well on your way to seeing less insects invading your home. Our Brighton-based company offers complete lawn care and pest control with the expertise and equipment to ensure the yard remains beautiful with less pests bugging you all summer long. We have a variety of key lawn services to keep your yard looking beautiful which includes organic lawn care and standard lawn fertilization, grub control as well as aeration and overseeding to help keep the lawn growing strong and looking green. When you order the perimeter pest control services, what our technicians will do is place a treatment around the outside of the home which is designed to prevent ants, spiders, earwigs, silverfish and other crawling insects from creeping into the home. We use a sticking agent which adheres to the home so even with rain storms coming through and the use of irrigation it will remain affixed to the house and still work to keep the pests out. This five application program starts in the spring time around mid-April, when insects become active after the winter, and goes through October. The final perimeter pest control treatment will place one last barrier around the exterior of your home so the insects don't enter as the cooler fall weather arrives and they begin to seek shelter in a warmer environment. This program, which involves certified technicians coming out every 5-6 weeks to reapply, considerably minimizes any opportunity of insects entering your home. This preventative measure is a better alternative than having to rescue a home from insects already taking up residence. Experigreen Lawn Care offers other preventative measures to keep bugs away. We have a series of pest control services like mosquito control and flea and tick control to keep you more protected against insect bites and the diseases they carry. Wouldn't it be nice to finally enjoy being outdoors in the summertime without the constant assault of mosquitos and other bugs? Now that the bugs are away, let's talk about your lawn. We're one of the only companies to offer both organic lawn care as well as a standard fertilizer program - most companies simply offer just one or the other. Both options are pet-friendly and homeowner-friendly and are designed to provide your lawn with the proper nutrients for it to grow and thrive. Our lawn services also include lawn fertilization as well as aeration and overseeding which will help extend the roots of the grass so that it can maintain a strong foundation. Finally, if necessary, your lawn care plan can include grub control so that these harmful little bugs don't eat up your lawn and turn it brown. With over 80 years of combined experience between our founders, you can trust Experigreen Lawn Care to keep your yard looking green and beautiful. We place a high emphasis on customer service and our team of technicians have all been certified in the state of Michigan by the Department of Agriculture. If you want reliability in your lawn care then contact Expergreen Lawn Care of Brighton for all your lawn service needs.

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