Proudly Serving Lansing, Michigan

If you’re looking for things to do in Lansing, Michigan, you won’t be disappointed. This Michigan city offers a variety of entertainment options for all ages. From a day at the Michigan State Capitol building to an afternoon exploring the history of the city at the Michigan History Center, you have plenty of indoor entertainment options.

Lansing, though, is also a mecca for exploring the great outdoors. Admire the lush green lawns at the city’s parks and embark on a scenic walk or hike along the trails. It’s time to see the beauty that Lansing has to offer.

Here’s What You’ve Been Missing.

Parks for Miles and Miles

You don’t even have to navigate outside the city limits to find parks with open green spaces, playgrounds and scenic walking trails. Start your adventures at Hawk Island Park. This beautiful city park is home to a natural lake, wooded walking trails, a formal swimming area and even a giant waterslide. Slip and slide during the summer months or hike in the fall as the leaves are falling to maximize your quality time with the family.

There’s more, though.

Granger Meadows Park

Granger Meadows Park is a popular hot spot for those who crave a dose of nature. Toss around the ball with the kids near a koi pond, get in a game of basketball on the courts, stroll along the scenic walkways or sled down the designated hills when Michigan’s first snowfall arrives.

You can also maximize your views of green spaces with a visit to any of these parks and nature centers near or in Lansing:

  • Grand Woods Park
  • Moores Park
  • Durant Park
  • Reutter Park
  • Adado Park
  • Ralph W. Crego Park
  • Anderson Park
  • Wentworth Park

The Beauty Continues at Home

Having access to a scenic park with hiking, biking and walking trails is a luxury and a gift. However, you can have access to views of lush green lawns, ornamental trees and colorful landscaped beds right in your front or backyard. The experts at Hometown Pest and Lawn are prepared to beautify your home – and your neighborhood – with comprehensive lawn care and pest control services.

See for yourself.

Our trained technicians can maximize your home’s curb appeal with the following services:

  • Lawn Care that includes core aeration, overseeding, fertilization, spring and fall cleanups and more
  • Pest Control to minimize the risk of insects and bugs invading your home
  • Mosquito Control to eliminate these pests targeting humans and greenery
  • Flea and Tick Control to prevent damage to your grass roots, trees, shrubs and greenery
  • Tree and Shrub Care to ensure your ornamental investments are healthy and ready for optimal growth

We know this community and take pride in serving Lansing residents and residents in surrounding cities such as Jackson, Haslett, Dewitt and East Lancing. Let us show you how our personal touch can add even more beauty to your home.

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