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During the cold winters in Jackson, Michigan, you need plenty of options for family fun. Jackson is a hotspot for indoor entertainment with access to Escape Rooms, Allskate Fun Center and skydiving excursions. But, Jackson is also a prime spot to explore outdoor adventures during the spring, summer and fall.

Jackson is a Michigan city featuring a variety of parks and gardens designed to showcase blooming flowers, plants and more. If you want to admire the stunning elements of nature, keep reading.

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Falling Waters Trail

Ready for a day of stunning views and family fun? Head to Falling Waters Trail to get both. This treasure in Jackson, Michigan is home to 21 flat miles of trails that wind all the way to Concord. All ages can walk, jog, run or bike for miles when the weather is ripe in the spring, when the leaves are falling in the fall or when the sun is beaming down in the summer.

But, there’s more.

Falling Waters trail also features amazing sunsets and sunrises with access to Lime Lake and heavenly wheat fields. Wide open green spaces at this hotspot in Jackson offer plenty of opportunities to get in a game of flag football or Frisbee tossing.

Cascade Falls

Known as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the state, Cascade Falls attracts Jackson residents and tourists from afar. Beyond the colorful waterfalls in this man-made park, Cascade Falls also features a walking path with geese, squirrels and a small lake. During the warmer season, the kids can take a dip in the on-site swimming pool and stay after sunset to see the colors change in the waterfall.

Dahlem – Jackson’s Nature Place

If you want to see nature in rare, yet beautiful, form, spend a day exploring Jackson’s Nature Place. This magnificent green space in Jackson is home to picnic tables and tree stump stools, hollowed-out trees and walking trails.

Ready to see even more green spaces? You don’t have to travel far.

Your Very Own Outdoor Oasis

While Jackson offers plenty of opportunities to see open fields with green grass and historical parks and nature centers, you can enjoy nature from your very own home in the city. Hometown Pest and Lawn can transform your brown, dying grass into lush green healthy roots to maximize your view when walking out your front door.

We specialize in making your home an outdoor oasis.

Here’s How:

Our premium services range from lawn care services and tree and shrub care to flea, tick and mosquito control. Minimize the pests roaming your yard or home while maximizing your green space, blooming flowers and healthy plants in landscaped beds.

We call Michigan home and we are happy to brighten up the community when servicing residents in Jackson and surrounding cities such as Lansing, East Lansing, Haslett and Dewitt.

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